We are a Barcelona based studio rooted in visual narratives to elevate positive impact projects.

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Collaborating with:

What services do we offer as a creative studio?

What techniques and tools are employed for the bespoke creative services you offer?

How do you develop and design an innovative and creative brand identity for your clients?

︎︎︎We provide a wide range of services related to graphic design, web design, web development, creative direction, brand strategy, illustration, art direction, copywriting, film and video, packaging, printing, murals, motion graphics, interior design, and furniture design. We adapt to each client's needs and goals, creating personalized and original solutions.

︎︎︎We are constantly learning the most updated tools to improve our work. Our approach comes from a non-conventional approach that makes it purpose driven. Some of them include:

  • Informed, our team is in constant update with the current news, trends, creative tools, and  cutting edge technologies in the fields of graphic design, ai, motion graphics, web development.
  • Real-word testing, a practice that allows us to gather direct and honest feedback from our target audience about our designs and keep improving. It help us take better informed decisions when designing and iterating.
  • Positive-Impact practices, As for our designs as for our management we are aware of the digital and physical impact of our actions and we are implementing practices that help reduce or avoid unnecessary impact.

︎︎︎Even though each framework requires a different design strategy there are some common approaches that make us do what we do.

  • Art thinking: Beyond a design thinking process we foster to explore a topic from active listening that will help us better adapt to the directions we want to focus on.  Through an artistic perspective we find meaning in each proposal we do.
  • Research-process: Empathizing with your intentions is not a mere connecting act, but something we found in a deep research about your essence, values, goals and approaches. This is a process that will help make decisions from a holistic creative direction.
  • Bespoke strategy: Based on in-depth analysis of the market, competition, trends, and opportunities we differentiate our proposals by adapting the process to your needs. We can help you in a particular part of your project, or integrate as a holistic design team.

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